Sunday, January 23, 2005


Billy's Back

Billy Edelin had a huge game for SU yesterday. Read the Syracuse angle on the game and then read how West Virginia reacted.

My Take
Another close game for the number 7 team in the land. Dont know if this is starting to be a good thing or a cause for concern. Dont get me wrong I'll take the wins but its the play that matters to me. West Virginia did make quality shots in the second half but SU never put them away to where those shots would have been the difference between cutting the lead from 20 to 10 instead of 12 down to 6. Look at Kansas they played a bunch of close games and then got absolutely blasted at Nova. Kansas looked horrible. Is SU set up for one of those type performances? We'll see in the coming weeks when they go to Pitt,Uconn and BC.

The Positives

- The play of Billy Edelin. He was fantastic in the 1st half. Neither Pace or GMac scored in the 1st half and SU was still up 12 going into the break. Now we have to see how Billy follows this game up. The last time he played well was against ND and then he was nonexistent against PC and Gtown. So we'll see if he can build on it.
-Warrick continues his play as a Player of the year candidate. If you know you're going to get 23 and 10 from Warrick every night the Cuse is in good shape. He hasnt just been good in these games, he's been SU's best player in the last 3 games.
-The Cuse played a lot of man to man in the 1st half and played it very well. Thats going to help the Cuse later in the year in games when they have to abandon the zone. You know there will be one game where the other team shoots SU out of the zone. Now the tem has some confidence that they can play man.
- The Ft's - SU goes 16-18 from the line. So like I said last week either you're a good FT shooting team or your not. SU might be one of those teams that shoots well at home and not on the road. Something to keep an eye on.

The Negatives
-Terrence Roberts is getting more and more frustrating to watch or listen to. He constantly picks up dumb fouls and isnt on the floor when Forth gets in foul trouble because he gets in foul trouble also. Roberts may be the most talented player out of the sophomore group but is very incosistent. When Daryl Watkins comes back (which could be Monday) this will help alleviate some problems, but Roberts needs to be a little better
-The Rebounding is still a little issue. Its nitpicking, but Warrick seems to be the only one grabbing a clutch rebound. The other guys need to step up and help him out.
-The Schedule- look at SU's upcoming schedule. This is where we find out about this team. Pitt twice, Uconn twice, ND, at BC,at Nova. The 5 best teams in the league all in the next 7 after RU on monday. Should be good.
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