Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Is the Rivalry back?

Here are two recaps from the SU win last night.One from SU's point of view and one from a Georgetown angle.

As for my analysis of the game here it is. First of all Georgetown is better than anyone in the country thought they would be. They have a couple quick guards and they are big inside with Jeff Green, Brandon Bowman,and Roy Hilbern. Bowman and Green can both shoot from the outside as evidence by Bowman's huge game last night. The encouranging signs from an SU standpoint is that the bottom line is they won the game. When it came down to overtime Warrick and Macnamara took over scoring 9 of the 11 points in overtime. These guys flat out know how to win. Forth played another huge game last night with a double double and Pace was Pace. 18-1, there needs to be no complaning. SU has set themselves up for a huge Big East year by starting 5-0. As for things that need to be changed. Lets leave FT shooting out of it because either you are a good FT shooting team or you're not. There's no switch that gets turned on and the team says "Oh now we can start hitting FTs". The two major issues that have arisen out of the last two games are defensive rebounding late in the game and pressure defenses. PC and GT both crashed the boards late in the game and both got 2, 3 and sometimes 4 chances at a bucket. As an example SU was leading GTown at half rebounding by about 6 and then finished 2 behind the Hoyas at the end of the game. Having Pace on the backline hurts at the end because big frontlines just jump over him. Will Boeheim go big when Daryl Watkins comes back? We'll have to wait and see. The second thing about press defense is hurting the Orange. G Mac had 6 turnovers last night and its because the press d makes him go faster and speeds the game up for him forcing him to make decisions faster. Pace was horrible handling the press against PC. The solution. Billy Edelin. Does Edelin get out of Boeheim's doghouse? Lets hope soon.
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