Tuesday, January 18, 2005


John Thompson is Back!!!

For the first time since 1999 John Thompson will coach Georgetown at the Dome against Syracuse. Ok its John Thompson III or as his friends call him JT3. If thats not the coolest nickname for a coach I dont know what is. "So who's you're coach?" "JT3". Awesome. But I digress. I dont think this John Thompson will officially try to close the Dome tonight like his father did to Manley. Georgetown comes to the Dome tonight and its no where to be found on television outside the syracuse area. The premier rivalry in Big East history not on tv. Could you imagine Duke-UNC not on tv? Georgetown is hot and playing well. For all the pregame notes check out the preview of the game on syracuse.com. If you want a different angle and why G-Town is playing well check this out. (free reg. req).
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