Monday, January 31, 2005


Midseason Awards

Well everyone that covers the Big East gives out midseason conference awards so I'm going to also, but mine will be a little different. First I'll go through each team with some observations and team MVP.

Boston College 7-0, 18-0
Maybe the most surprising start of any team in the country. Not many people should be surprised that BC is good, but surprised they are undefeated. I still believe they are a little bit of a paper tiger, but we wont know that until BE tournament time because of the way the schedule worked out. MVP-Jared Dudley

Syracuse 7-1, 20-2
The favorite to win the Big East is in the position of playing the toughest stretch I can ever remember an SU squad playing. They are small in the frountcourt and this stretch of games will show how good this can can be and truly is. MVP- Hakim Warrick

Pittsburgh 5-2, 15-3
Rough star,t but the Panthers are starting to hit their stride in the Big East. Huge wins over UCONN and SU will help this team. Has a a bruising frontcourt and a very good point guard. Has the combo to maybe jump up and catch BC. We'll see if Pitt has turned the corner or if they will be Jekyl and Hyde this year. MVP- Chevon Troutman

Notre Dame 5-3, 13-5
I dont know what to say about these guys. Very perimeter oriented but need to get some more contrbutions from the big guys. Thomas is too hot and cold to be trusted in a big game. Notre Dame is the prototypical "live by the 3, die by the 3" team. MVP-Colin Falls

Georgetown 5-3, 13-6
The most improved team in the country. No one expected this from Georgetown. They still have a couple years to go to become the powerhouse Georgetown again, but JT3 has them on their way. The youngest team in the BE with only one senior. We'll see if Gtown can sustain this or if the young guys wear down in league play. MVP- Brandon Bowman

Villanova 4-3, 12-4
Here come the Wildacts. This is the team in the second tier that will make a run at the BE title. Frasier is back and Sumpmter has gotten back in rhythm. Allan Ray is a very good shooter. The team no on wants to play. The Kansas game was no fluke. This team can play. MVP-Allan Ray

UCONN 4-3, 12-5
Vying with Providence for most disappointing first half team. The front court disappears from game to game and the backcourt is really hurting the Huskies. Rashad Anderson in particular. Villaneuva has been very disappointing. UCONN's schedule gets no easier down the stretch. This might be the year everyone gets their licks in on UCONN. MVP-Josh Boone

Seton Hall 2-4, 10-7
Opened the BE schedule with ND, UCONN, SU, and Pitt. Murderous start. Was competitive against all except SU and should have beat Pitt and ND. Could make a push in the second half. Need to get better guard play. MVP-Kelly Whitney

West Virginia 2-5, 12-6
Most disappointing team after their start. Started 10-0 with wins against NC state and GW when they were ranked. Fallen flat on their face. So dependent on the 3 that they get no production anywhere else. Lost to Marshall. Not going to get better in the second half.- MVP-Mike Gansey

Rutgers 1-6, 7-10
Was a 20 win team last year and lost their entire frontcourt. Employ a 3 guard lineup but atrocious at rebounding. Should have beat Pitt and Syracuse. Has a great homecourt advantage , but the team has lost all confidence. Still has to play BC twice. MVP- Ricky Shields

St.John's 1-6, 7-10
Give Norm Roberts credit, he has these guys playing hard. Not very talented outide of Daryll Hill but they come to play. Dont expect a lot of wins in the second half, but they'll play hard. MVP-Daryll Hill

Providence 0-7, 9-11
This team started the year by playing Wake tough and beating Michigan and have fallen in the tank since. They expect to lose every night. No one to help Gomes. Maybe the most disappointing team not only in the BE, but the country. MVP- Ryan Gomes

And time for my midseason awards, but I'm not doing the traditional awards because those are boring. Here goes

Most obnoxious player

Carl Krauser, Pitt and Jared Dudley, BC (tie)

I couldnt decide so they both get it. Krauser with his chest thumping after every play and Dudley with his screaming and antics. Cant stand them.

Most overhyped player

Chris Thomas, ND

Close competition between Thomas, Villaneuva and Chris Taft. But the nod goes to Thomas because of people picking him for player of the year. I'm just saying that my player of the year candidate doesnt shoot under 35 percent from the floor for the season and go 1-14 on national TV.

The "Why do they play there?" award

Seton Hall

Close between Seton Hall and St John's, but Seton Hall playing at the Meadowlands is like me running for President, sure my friends and family care, but thats about it. Seton Hall needs to play all their games at Walsh Gym. At least give your home games some atmosphere.

The "There's a two point shot?" award

Gerry McNamara, SU

There are some proficient three point takers in the BE but none hold a candle to GMac. There are 7 players that have 100 3 point attempts in the BE. McNamara has 215!!. The next closest is Rashad Anderson at 123. GMac almost doubles him. Unreal.

The "I'm a star get me out of here!!" award

Ryan Gomes, Providence

Gomes is 3rd in the league in scoring and second in rebounding and his team is 0-7 in the BE. Only so much one player can do.

Best Ending to a game

Georgetown- ND

Nothing better (or worse) than Colin Falls making a 3 for ND and the ND bench holding each other back getting ready for the celebration and seeing a dunk by Roy Hibbert of Gtown with no time left. What heartache..

Worst ending to a game

BC-Providence round 1

Providence led this game 52-44 with 13 minutes left and proceeded to score 8 points the rest of the game. A putrid performance down the stretch.

Team No One Wants to Play


With Jason Frasier back, Nova has their inside outside threat going again. Villanova has absolutely destroyed some teams this year, when they get hot they are almost unbeatable. Keep an eye out for 'Nova moving up the Big East standings.

Team Everyone Wants to Play

West Virginia

Could go alot of different ways with this one, but WVU is struggling and they dont look like they're coming out of it anytime soon. Providence still has Gomes, so you have to figure at some point they'll play a good game and Rutgers still has the 3 guards that can score, West Virginia has none of that. It's going to be a long end to the year for the Mountaineers.

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