Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The Recaps

Two different sides and two very different takes to what this game means and proves to both teams. The Post Standard talks about how the seniors stepped up. The Newark Star Ledger says Rutgers let one slip away.

Seeing how huge the comeback was I'm doing a little something different I'm going to grade out all the performances last night. Not that these grades mean anything but seeing how every one who played a major role in the comeback contributed. Positives and Negatives included

Hakim Warrick- what can you say about SU's national player of the year candidate? Warrick fueled the comeback with his play early in the 2nd half and his long arms in the press. Picked up two really dumb fouls that put him on the bench when SU finally nudged in front. Needs to stop talking to the officials. Grade B

Gerry Macnamara- How do you spell Gmac? C-L-U-T-C-H. This guy has ice in his veins. Hit two huge 3s in the second half, one to put SU up 6. Impressed with his penetration of the Rutgers guards in the 1st half and was good in the man to man defense. Saw a lot from the Scranton wonderkid last night. We knew he had guts, but he showed off that he is much more of a complete basketball player than people give him credit for. He did go the whole game without shooting a free throw which is alarming considering both teams were in the bonus 7 minutes into the 2nd half. Grade A-

Josh Pace- No more words left for this guy. 14 pts, 7 rebs and 7 assists. You know what you're getting every night from Pace. He doesnt do too much and knows his limits. Found Gmac for the 3 to put SU up 6. Couple of huge rebounds when he was left by himself to outrebound two Rutgers players. He does it all and he hit 2 of 3 FTS. Did miss two shots he normally makes but that is definetely nitpicking. Grade A

Billy Edelin- Welcome Back Welcome Back Welcome Back. Two good games in a row for Edelin. 14 points and the confidence we saw from Edelin in 2003 reared its head. Asking for one on one and waving teammates away. Getting clutch put backs and he hit a clutch baseline shot. He did miss a short junmper that would have given SU a 3 point lead, but only mistake of the night. Was vocal in the locker room at half time. Made 7-8 from the line including two clutch ones. Grade A

Craig Forth- Disappointed in Forth last night. He did grab one huge rebound and had a big tip in but overall not much of a factor. Was on the Bench when SU pressed and got back in the game. Not much from Forth. Grade C-

Louie McCroskey- Best game Louie has played for the Orange. Confident with the drive, finished at the basket a couple of times in the 1st half. You can really see how much skill this kid had. Played very well in the pressure defense to start the 2nd half with two steals. Needs to be able to make the outside shot consistently to keep the D honest. Very impressed with Mccroskey. Grade B+

Terrence Roberts- Ok, Im starting become increasingly frustrated with Roberts. He picks up cheap fouls and he constantly is chatty with the officials. He needs to cut it out. Also this comment wont help. He continually gets himself out of position on defense by going for blocks he cant get. He brings the most energy to the floor of any SU player, but he needs to refine his skills. Very raw. Took two bad shots in the second half. He did win the game for the Orange with the tip in, but needs to get a lot better. He has the talent, now he needs to know how to use it. Grade C+

Daryl Watkins- "Mookie" played very well for having a cast on his hand. Missed 3 FT's but you would too if you had a cast on. Was the last line of defense when SU pressed and didnt allow any easy baskets. For What he could do Watkins was good. Grade B

Jim Boeheim- Win 696 wasnt easy but it may be JB's greatest comeback. Didnt say anything to the team at half and it worked. He knows his players. When SU got the lead down to 4 he backed off the press to save their legs. Took Gmac out of the game to give him a break. Great coaching in the 2nd half. Would have liked to see SU get out of the zone earlier in the 1st half, but to be fair when SU did go man in the 1st half RU just went right to the basket and scored anyway. Grade A-

Overall 1st Half grade - D
Overall 2nd Half Grade- A
Overall Grade- B+
Hey, I'm an SU alum (1994) living in NYC, and am glad to have found your blog. I've written on my own site how I think this might be the best Syracuse team ever and how they remind me a little of the Patriots. Not that the Pats are ever down 20 points, but this Orange squad plays better as a team than any I've seen.

What a comeback last night. People get on SU for being down so big early, but Rutgers was hitting everything. It was just one of those nights. What are we supposed to do, cover that guy who hit the shot closer to the half-court line then the three-point line?
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