Sunday, January 30, 2005


The Recaps

Here are the Recaps, first from The Post Standard and then from the PPG.

My Take
Well its obvious why SU lost this game. They get outrebounded, in one of the most impressive stats I've seen, 18 offensive rebounds for Pitt and only 16 defensive rebounds for the Orange. Since SU went up 17, Pitt outscored Syracuse 74-47. Thats complete domination. And like I've been saying the past month, the small lineup with Josh Pace in the back of the zone is going to hurt SU and it did last night. Boeheim did try mixing it up with Roberts on the wing, but you can tell Roberts looks completely lost out there. He didnt know whether to challenge shooters or stay home. Not much Roberts fault as he hasnt played there much. Reason number 2 of this loss is not one other player stepped up to alleviate the scoring. Demetris Nichols comes in and hoists three 3 point bricks. Forth looked lost and overmatched. Josh Pace may have played his worst game ever at SU. Edelin had one good drive ,but nothing else. Pitt switched to a zone and took away McNamara and Warrick and not one other person could make a shot. When your two stars score 51 combined, you should be able to win the game. Very dissapointing to see SU totally outmuscled in the second half even without Chris Taft in the game for Pitt. One thing I will say about this team is that GMac never lets them give in. He plays hard until the final buzzer. I said after they lost to Alabama last year ,that I was most proud of that Orange team for the way they fought until the end against Alabama and were pretty much beating teams 2 on 5. That all goes back to McNamara, he might be the guttiest player in college basketball. Well you're going to have nights like last night and we'll see how SU bounces back. They have a week to prepare and get ready for Notre Dame at the Dome. The schedule gets no easier, this stretch will show just how good this team can be.
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