Sunday, January 16, 2005



Well everyone has a blog so here's mine. Its all about Syracuse University Hoops if you couldnt tell. Its been a passion of mine since I was about 12 years old living in New Jersey.My first memory of SU is winning the 1992 Big East tournament but being on probation so they couldnt go to the NCAA tournament. Thats when I fell for SU hoops. Ive watched almost every game thats been on television or seen games in person. I remember Conrad Mcrae's tournanround jumpshot to beat Villanova at the Spectrum. I remember Lawrence Moten's high socks. I remember taping the SU-Kansas Elite 8 game in 1996 and watching it later with no one telling me the outcome and the subsequent dance done by Al McGuire while the entire SU team was singing "When the 'Cuse is in the house Oh My god". And then I attended SU from 1998-2002 and had some of my best memories. Seeing Ryan Blackwell make a shot at the buzzer to beat St Johns at the Garden. Starting 19-0 in 1999-2000 and rushing the court against UConn. But there have been plenty of bad memories. Moten calling a timeout they didnt have against Arkansas. The pathetic NIT game against FSU. Losing to Georgetown in the quarterfinals of the BE tournament. Blowing a huge 1st half lead to eventual champion Michigan State. But all of that ended in 2003. Of course the 1st year after I graduate becomes the best year in SU history, but I'll take it anyway. The purpose of this blog will be to update everything being said about Syracuse good and bad. So enjoy because I will.


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