Monday, February 21, 2005


Around the Country

Selection Sunday is around the ocrner and there is some momentum turning , let's go around the country after a huge basketball week and see whos in, whos out and whos bubble hopping in the major conferences.

Overview- Duke lose to Virginia Tech and then at one point has a 20 point lead on Wake. North Carolina rolls on and Georgia Tech better not slip up or their out of the tourney.
Big question- Could Virginia Tech score an NCAA tourney bid? I say no chance. They sit at 100 in the RPI and they lost to VMI and St Johns. They may get to 9-7 in conference but that low an RPI should not gain any merit for the Tourney.
Hottest Team- North Carolina
Games of the Week - Duke/Georgia Tech, NC State/ North Carolina, Maryland/UNC
Whos In- North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Maryland
Bubblicious- NC State, Georgia Tech
Final Tally- 5 teams..NC State is out

Overview- Kentucky got knocked off by South Carolina and then destroys Mississippi State. Winsome Frazier is back for Miss state and now Lawrence Roberts is out. Here comes LSU with big wins over Florida and MSU. Alabama keeps on a Roll Tide.
Big Question- How good is the SEC? I say they're not as people say. Kentucky will be a top seed or a 2 seed and we saw what Alabama did last year in the tourney. LSU is coming around here late in the year and Billy donovan is actually coaching this year at Florida. Possible 3 sweet 16 teams out of that bunch.
Hottest Team- tie-LSU/Alabama
Games of the Week- LSU/Alabama, Alabama/Kentucky
In- 'Bama, Kentucky,
Bubblicious- LSU, Florida, MSU
Final Tally- 4, sorry MSU no Roberts, No NCAA tourney.

Pac 10
Overview- Arizona continues to follow the unbelievable shooting of Salim Stoudamire. Washington gets knocked off by Oregon. UCLA continues alternating wins ald losses, Stanford wins two games without Grunfeld. Arizona state is making a late push.
Big Question- Is Salim Souamire having the best shooting season EVER? Courtesy of Lute Olson who made a huge deal out of this. Stoudamire has been unconcious from 3 point range inlcuding yesterdays 9/13 display. JJ Reddick couldnt even hold Stoudamire's jock this season. Stoudamire needs a couple more huge games to break Steve Kerr's record for 3 point shooting percentage in a season. Here's hoping he does it.
Hottest Team- Arizona
Games of the Week- ASU/Washington, Washington/Arizona
In- Washington, Arizona
Bubblicious- Stanford, UCLA, ASU
Final Tally- I'll say 4 because Stanford's last few games are very winnable and I think either UCLA or ASU sneaks in, right now I'll go with UCLA.

Big Ten
Overview- Illinois notches two more wins. Michigan State quietly is rolling along. The wheels of the Iowa Bandwagon have fallen off. Ho hum Wisconsin is 17-6. Minnesota trying as they might to make the tourney
Big Question- Can Illinois do it? The Illini finish with Northwestern and Purdue at home and at Ohio State. With the Buckeyes on probation, that will be their national title game. I say Illinois gets tripped up in the Big Ten tourney a la St Joes.
Hottest Team- Illinois
Games of the Week- Minnesota/Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State
In- Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois
Bubblicious- Minnesota,Iowa
Final Tally- 3. I dont see Minnesota or Iowa finshing hard enough to make it and some people want to put Indiana on the bubble, please.

Big 12
Overview- Kansas loses twice and socres 61 points in an overtime game at home. Oklahoma State is on a roll. Iowa state is playing their way into the Tourney. Bob Knight finally beats Kansas. Oklahoma gets a miracle against Kansas state and Texas is holding on for dear life to a tourney bid.
Big Question- Is Kansas overrated? I say yes. Ive been saying all year, lets wait for Kansas to play close games against quality teams and then we'll see how they do. I dont think this team is prepared to make a final four run. Oklahoma state, to me, is the best team in that conference.
Hottest Team- OK State
Games of the week- Texas Tech/Texas, Ok State/Kansas
In- Kansas, OKstate, Oklahoma,
Bubblicious- Iowa State, Texas Tech, Texas
Final Tally- 6. I think they are all getting in. TT is almost in anyway, Iowa State picked up a huge road win and I think Texas will win enought down the stretch to make it.

Big East
Overview- Syracuse loses twice. 'Nova beats Pitt. One win Providence takes UConn to double OT. St Johns beats Georgetown. West Virginia destroys Seton Hall. BC keeps with their roll.
Big Question- Will the BE get 7 bids? How about 8?. Some people may think I'm crazy but look out for the Mountaineers. They improve to 16-7 and 6-7 in the conference if both they and Georgetown win out and West Virginia notches a win in the BE tourney how could you deny either one of them. It's a long shot but not impossible. Georgetown better watch out because if they are not careful WVU will take their spot.
Hottest Team- West Virginia
Games of the week- BC/Nova, Pitt/UConn
In- BC, UConn, Pitt, Nova, Syracuse, ND
Bubblicious- Georgetown, WVU
Final Tally- 7. I dont think WVU will have enough to get in at the end, but I think Georgetown gets two wins and gets into the Dance.

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