Friday, February 18, 2005


Back with a vengeance

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I’ve been fighting this internet connection. The updates will be coming more fast and furious. There are some things in college basketball that irk me, so here’s another list.

My Top Ten Pet Peeves in College Basketball
10. Announcers using the word “great” on every good play. A pass inside is not “great” every time. A drive to the basket and finish is not a “great” drive every time. Mike Patrick is the master of the hyperbole. Please just call the game.
9. Coaches make good analysts. Mike Jarvis and Rick Majerus are good coaches and make good points, but they take way too long to get their point across. This is television, not a clinic. The points have to be quick and concise. Watching the Marquette- Louisville game, Majerus would constantly make good points but they would lead into the next 3 plays and the play by play man would have to cut him off.
8. “Experts” saying it’s bad to storm the court. Have any of these people been a student at one of these schools? A top ten win when your team is unranked deserves a stormin’. A win over a rival you haven’t beaten in 10 years deserves a stormin’. A win against a top 3 team deserves a stormin’, no matter where you’re ranked.
7. The notion that Gerry McNamara is a better player than JJ Reddick. Come on. I love the ‘Cuse but Reddick has developed such a great game off the dribble that he’s surpassed GMac. The one argument for McNamara is that he handles the ball much more than Reddick so he has more responsibility. But Reddick does everything better than McNamara at this point.
6. Coaches calling timeouts with under 15 seconds on the shot clock. Why would you do this? The only reason I can think of is that your team is in disarray offensively, but rarely does a team get a good shot off in this situation. Let the players play it out.
5. One good win gets you “on the bubble". I hate this one. Va. Tech just beat Duke and is now on the bubble? Are you serious? They are 13-10. South Carolina beat Kentucky and now they are on the bubble? Indiana plays a hard schedule, wins a couple Big 10 games and is on the bubble? They are 11-11. Just because you play in a major conference and beat a ranked team doesn’t put you in tournament consideration. How about winning some other games?
4. The conference that gets the most teams to the Sweet 16 is the best conference. This is ridiculous. A lot of what happens in the tournament is determined on Selection Sunday. In a one and done tournament the draw is critical. Last year Pitt had to play Wisconsin in the state of Wisconsin and BC played Georgia Tech. Upsets happen and can open up the bracket. The best conference in America is the one that gets the most bids, period.
3. So called “experts” being shocked when a ranked team loses to an unranked team on the road. This is ridiculous. This is college basketball. I just watched Duke lose at Va. Tech. This is not shocking. College teams always play better at home. And College students are rabid fans and do make a difference. (Quick sidebar- This is not the same Va. Tech team that played in the Big East last year. Seth Greenburg has done a great job.
2. The media is East Coast Biased. Another one I can’t stand. The media is so biased against the West Coast that Ike Diogu of Arizona State is being touted for player of the Year on a team that might not qualify for its conference tournament. It’s so biased that Gonzaga is still in the top 15 even thought they’ve struggled in the WCC. It’s so biased that people think Washington can make the final four. Some bias.
1. All Hail the RPI. The RPI is a joke this year. With the tweaking they’ve done they’ve made mid majors have a shot at at-large bids with no quality wins. I’m all for the mid-majors and this year not only will they crash the party, they’ll be the life of the party, but some of the RPI’s are insane. Southern Illinois is 13? Vermont is 14? Come on. I know that mid majors get squeezed out of high ranked games because of their conference, but they shouldn’t get rewarded for going to North Carolina and losing by 40. So now if these big conference teams invite mid majors to play it’s a lose-lose situation. Not only could they lose the game but the mid-major could hop them in the RPI. By the way Illinois is ranked 5 in the RPI. Don’t get me started on that one.
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