Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Bandwagon Jumpin'

Sorry about no recap post yesterday..internet service was down. Anyway SU lost to UCONN on Monday night because of two reasons. Charlie Villanueva showed up and Gerry McNamara didnt. SU actually held its own on the boards only getting outrebounded by 6 and even having more offensive rebounds than the Huskies. Down the stretch SU committed two crucial mistakes when trying to get the ball into Warrick in the post. Two bad entry passes by Pace and Edelin helpe UConn stretch the lead and ward off the Orange. GMac was majorly disappointing. He was outplayed by a freshamn in Marcus Williams and couldnt even get good looks at the basket. Villanueva made a few circus shots and the Huskies came out with a win.

Points on the game
Officiating- As I've perused the messageboards I notice some speak about how poor the officiating was in the game. I agree that SU didnt get the majority of the calls when they had the ball, but for the most part out of the Huskies 32 FT's I would say most of them were warranted. Watkins was hacking around the basket, Roberts always leaves his feet so naturally those are going to be called. Should SU have shot more FTs? Probably. But with this team there's no guarantee they'll make them. I agree the officiating was less than stellar, but in no way was it the reason the game was lost.
Top Ten worthiness- I still believe this is a top ten team. Anytime you have 2 finalists for the Wooden award on the same team, you have to be considered a top ten team. For some people to think that this team isnt that good, think again. They have two legitimate 20 point scorers and a 10 point scorer. Anytime you get 50 points from 3 guys you are a worthy team. Is this a top 5 team? Probably not because they're a little small with Pace at the small forward and the outside shooting is poor and thats an understatement. Its only two losses in the last 3 games. Before I declare this team a disaster let me see them trip up a couple more times, but by reading some of the message boards you would have thought this team stinks. Quick trivia- Only 4 teams have been in the top ten in both polls every week this season..Kansas, Wake Forest, Illinois..oh and Syracuse.
Edelin Watch- It continues..I think he played a solid overall game. He did make two bad passes down the stretch, but overall I thought he did a good job handling the ball and distributing. He remains the X factor. If Edelin can somehow regain the form of 2003 , this team will go far. Does he have it in him? Time is running out.

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