Monday, February 07, 2005


Champions Reunited

The last two National Champions meets at the House that Leo Rautins built tonight. What to expect? Here's my best guess.

Overall Preview
The Huskies have one of the deepest and tallest frontlines in the country. They go 6'10" across the board with Josh Boone, Charlie Villanueva, and Hilton Armstrong off the bench and Rudy Gay at 6'9". Connecticut is the top rebounding team in the Big East by almost 10 rebounds a game and number one in the entire country in rebounding. Syracuse by comparison is tied for 5th in the BE (with that rebounding power St. Johns) and 74th in the country. One of the reasons the Huskies have that many rebounds is that they only shoot 44 percent from the floor, but they will crash the glass. UCONN outrebounds their opponents by 13 rebounds a game. So combine that with Syracuse's struggles on the glass will be an interesting thing to watch. Both Teams are 1-2 in the BE in scoring, but SU scored 60 last game and Connecticut only had 68. So why is UCONN only 6-3 in the BE? Well thats easy. There are 3 reasons. They are dead last in turnover margin in the BE. Actually committing more turnovers than they are forcing. That is going to kill you down the stretch in some games. The second reason in the disappearance of Charlie Villaneuva. This is a guy who thought about going straight into the draft and skip college. He's only averaging 11 points a game and against Villanova and St John's last week he went 2-9 from the field and scored 9 points COMBINED!! Just atrocious. The third reason is the guard play. Rashad Anderson is only shooting 38 percent from the field and 32 from 3. Marcus Williams has struggled at the point. In an era of college basketball where guards are dominating the Husky guards have struggled mightily. Anderson has got it back on track this week as he was named Co-Big East player of the week with GMac. So will the Husky big men offset their guard play at the Dome tonight or will their guard play hurt them again? We'll see tonight in a game SU needs to have before going to 'Nova on Saturday.
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