Monday, February 14, 2005


Pitt and Roll Volume 2

And Finally Pittsburgh has come back to Syracuse!!..Ok maybe not finally, but the Orange get their chance at redemption tonight on another Big Monday matchup. You may recall the first time these two teams played, Pitt played a zone and forced other players outside of GMac and Warrick to beat them. But they couldnt. We'll see what the Orange has tonight. This is the 5th game of a brutal six game stretch. Right now the Orange is 2-2 during the stretch. The Post Standard says its about revenge. The PPG says Chris Taft is the key. While Chas from the Panthers blog says
he's a little worried.

My Take
We already know what we're going to see from Pitt tonight. They'll start in a man defense and switch to zone. The question is will SU play against the zone like they did against Providence or like they horribly played against it at Pitt. This SU team has steadily gotten better the last two weeks even with the loss to UConn. Pace seems unstoppable at getting in the lane and Warrick is just flat out dominating. For a second time Taft is the key for Pitt. If Taft comes to play he'll make it very difficult on SU in the paint. Will SU's 3 headed center monster be enough to keep Pitt off the glass? Troutman finds a way to get it done in the paint. SU should be hungry to start this game tonight. And here's one prediction for the game. If SU jumps out to a 17 point lead tonight, they wont blow it.
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