Monday, February 07, 2005


Rant and Rave

Here are some of my thoughts but first SU stays at #8 in the AP poll. ESPN has 3 separate articles on the Orange, Andy Katz has an article on High Flying Hakim and on Billy Edelin. Jay Bilas throws in his two cents on Edelin.

Joe Lunardi puts out his Bracketology and drops SU to a 3 seed

Thoughts while wondering if its ok to like "Cheap Seats"
-I like Stewart Mandel as a FOOTBALL writer, but he needs to give up the basketball thing. How can you say no Big Ten team can make a deep tourney run outside of Illinois and then follow it up with lets leave Wisconin out because they are on top of their game?

-Did Scott McCorkle play the whole game chewing the same piece of gum?

-Want to see a lame crowd? Watch the 1991 SU-UCONN game at the Dome. Exciting game, too bad the crowd sat on their hands for most of it.

-Chris Thomas.. all- time against Syracuse...1-7 record..27 percent from the field..27 percent from 3..12 points a game...ouch. This is a guy Stewart Mandel picked for player of the year.

-Welcome to the Top 25, Pacific. Its been a long time coming.

-Remember when the ACC had 7 teams in the top 25? Good, because now they have three.

-Illinois is undefeated and beat Wake Forest and Gonzaga at home, Cincinnati on a neutral court, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Georgetown on the road. Their RPI? 4. What a joke the RPI is. I cant take it seriously.

-Top 3 overrated teams in the country? Kentucky, Alabama and Michigan State.

-Top 3 underrated teams? Utah, Minnesota, UNC-Charlotte

-I think I would pay to see a 3 point contest between Gerry McNamara, JJ Reddick, Salim Stoudamire, and Brendan Plavich. Those guys can stroke the 3.

- If Hakim Warrick isnt the most electrifying dunker in college basketball then I've never seen a game. Close second- Ismail Muhammad.

- If you've never heard of Andrew Bogut, do yourself a favor and catch one of the Awesome Aussie's games when his Utah Utes play, you'll wonder where this guy came from.

-I like Ike Diogu

-Meaningless Stat of the day. Last year after the Patriots won the Super Bowl.. the day after SU lost to UCONN 84-56. I think it will be a little closer tonight.
Good points on all......but the Sports Guy called, he wants his format back ;)
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