Sunday, February 06, 2005



First the recaps, The Post Standard talks about the huge crowd and electricity in the Dome. The South Bend Tribune says Notre Dame let one get away.

Yesterday we did the Positives for SU so right now we do the negatives

The Negatives

My Kingdom for a Jumpshot- I usually dont go crazy after one game about not everyone scoring but after two games in a row of no one hitting an open jumper this is becoming a serious problem for this team. McCroskey threw up 2 horrible looking 3 point shots and no one else, outside of GMAC, took a shot outside of 10 feet. Its only going to be a matter of time before teams take away Warrick nd McNamara and make someone else beat them. Get ready for a repeat of the ending stretch last year unless something changes.
Defensive Rebounding- ND picks up 14 offensive rebounds, Pitt had 16 offensive rebounds. I know the zone does not allow for rebounding asignments, but Forth for the second game found himself beat numerous times by quicker players. Francis, Lattimore and Rick Cornnete constantly were beating SU to loose rebounds. Pace needs to be on the floor, so unless the combo oF Roberts, Watkins, and Forth occupy 2 of the 3 spots on the floor, unfortunately the onus falls on Warrick. He does so much for the Orange already, but he may be the only one that can help stop this crashing of the glass by the opposition.
Offensive Execution- It seems as if at time SU forgets what to do on the offensive end of the floor. They become so dependent on GMAC and Warrick that if they dont get the ball to them, they get lost. Warrick needs to touch the ball in the post on every possesion but a lot of the time they dont give it to him.
Billy Edelin- Everyone around the team says he is crucial to the team's success but he is having a rough time on the offensive end. A couple of times he couldnt get the ball to Warrick on the block and he seemed to force the action when he did get the ball. Edelin needs to get back to backing his man down in the lane and making his acrobatic shots. Last night was a perfect night for him to play big and he didnt.
Arguing with the Refs - I will agree the officiating in the game was horrible last night, but leave the arguing to Boeheim. At times the team outide of Pace and Forth seem more worried about the officials than the team their playing. Terrence Roberts especially. The second half was better than the 1st half in terms of officating but it was poor last night. One stretch showed me how bad. Towards the end of the 1st half an offical was more interested in talking to Boeheim on the bench than watching the action on the court. What is he doing? If there was an attempt by SU to make a steal he wouldnt have seen it because he was looking and talking to Boeheim. I would like to see the BE do something about that, but they wont.

terrific win for the Cuse, the dome looked electric. Chris Thomas was embarrassed (again) in a big spot -- congrats on the win
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