Monday, February 21, 2005


SU Slipping away

Another physical team, Another loss for the Orange. This time it was Boston College smacking the Orange around on the glass. Craig Smith had his way on the boards and no one on the Orange did anything about it. McNamara was totally "gassed" at the end of the game. BC was getting wide open looks on his side of the zone and he had no legs at the end of the game. Pace, Warrick and GMac all played 40 minutes. Boeheim contends this team is built for the NCAA tourney, but I'm not so sure anymore.

My Take
Well there were some interesting things going on in BC on Saturday, here are a few.

Warrick gets no touches in the 2nd half- I was watching the game and waiting for Warrick to touch the ball in the post and he never got it. Between the 15 minute mark and the 2 minute mark, Warrick touched the ball once in the post. That is unacceptable. These guys have to let the offense go through Hakim. If he gets doubled, let him find the open man.

No rebounding- Yet Again , a bigger team exposes SU. There's obviously no way to fix this at this point. It's a huge problem and its not getting better down the stretch. So we'll see if SU can overcome that deficiency to win some ball games.

McNamara's defense- I love Gerry and he is a gutty player but he was killing the team defense on Saturday. I know Boeheim cant afford to take him out, but BC was getting wide open 3 pointers on his side of the floor. It was obvious something had to be done. For the first time in his career McNamara was a liability on the floor late in that game.

Edelin pulls another Houdini- If Edelin is going to start games he better be ready to play out of the gate. He looked horrible to start the game and McCroskey put together another solid outing. All the SU fans that want Edelin out there should realize that when McCroskey plays better he should play, he's earned at least that much.
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