Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Award Night

Is Big East award time. With only a few games left lets hand out the Big East hardware.

First Team Big East (regardless of position)
Hakim Warrick, Syracuse
Craig Smith, BC
Jared Dudley, BC
Ryan Gomes, Providence
Chevon Troutman, Pittsburgh
Curtis Sumpter, Nova

note- Yes I know I picked 6 forwards but those were the 6 best players in the Big East this year.

2nd team (regardless of position)
Josh Boone, UConn
Allen Ray, Nova
Gerry McNamara, Syracuse
Carl Krauser, Pitt
Chris Thomas, ND

Honorable mention, Marcus Williams (UConn), Rudy Gay (UConn), Brandon Bowman, (Gtown), Daryl Hill (SJU)

Freshman of the Year
Rudy Gay, UConn
I wanted to give this to Jeff Green of Georgetown, but he's kind of stumbled down the stretch in games that Georgetown has to win. Gay is the all around package. If he stays next year UConn will be a preseason title threat.

6th man of the year
Jermaine Watson, BC
No brainer here. Watson has been the key for BC down the stretch in games. He's not afraid to take a big shot and he shoots 83 percent from the line. He's the one that has made plays for BC in many a tight game.

Most Improved player
Marcus Williams, UConn
He's improved in every statistical category from last year and has gotten even better through out the year. He's getting double amount of minutes from last year and making the most of it with almost 9 assists a game.

Coach of the Year

John Thompson III, Georgetown
The argument for Al Skinner is a compelling one, but he also had the same team he had last year that lost to national runner up GT by one point. Not crazy to expect them to be better than last year. JT3 took a bad Georgetown and put them on the cusp of making the tournament. I still reckon that its harder to be make a bad team good than a good team very good.
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