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Hakim Speaks, The World listens (at least I listen)

Warrick Talks about the NBA, winning the title, talking to SU alums and gives a prediction for tomorrow's game..Courtesy of

Hakim Warrick: (11:32 AM ET ) Hello everyone!
College Student (Ball State University): Hey Hakim, your dunks are crazy sick! How do you like your team's chances of getting to St. Louis and cutting down the nets?
Hakim Warrick: (11:33 AM ET ) I really like our chances. We have a good, experienced team and we have so many guys back with so much depth. We can get back there this year.
Angel (Waukegan IL): Hey Hakim what do you think the cuse needs to do in order to beat uconn?
Hakim Warrick: (11:33 AM ET ) We have to rebound better. We have been outrebounded in our losses and we have to limit the other teams second chances. If we keep it close, we have a great shot to beat them.
Spencer (Kansas): What is the most important thing you can pass on to the younger players who will take over next year like Watkins and Roberts? Good Luck in the Final 4!!!!
Hakim Warrick: (11:34 AM ET ) Just to continue to work hard no matter what and play Syracuse basketball. There are going to be ups and downs and people that love you and hate you. But you have to not worry about all the small things.
Ken (NYC): Hakim great article in Maxin this month.....what position do you see yourself in the NBA? PF or SF?
Hakim Warrick: (11:35 AM ET ) I think I could play both. I have the ability to play SF against some teams. I could also play PF. I think it's a good thing I can do both. It will help my future.
Dave (Syracuse Orange(man)): How did it feel winning at Villanova, in your hometown against a team that didn't recruit you.
Hakim Warrick: (11:36 AM ET ) It felt good coming back home to all my family and friends. A lot of them hadn't seen me play in a long time. To go out and have a big game was a great time. It was one of the greatest moments of the season so far.
Chris (Richmond, VA): Do you think that Boeheim will keep Roberts in the starting lineup to help grab some boards? It seems to be working so far...
Hakim Warrick: (11:37 AM ET ) Yeah, right now we will go with the same lineup. He has done a great job for us. He is really attacking the glass. If he can keep doing that, it will benefit us come Tournament time.
Rob (Schererville IN): What type of seed are you guys expecting in the tournament, and what team do you fear the most?
Hakim Warrick: (11:38 AM ET ) Right now we are probably looking at a 4 seed. But there is a lot of basketball to be played. If we can beat UConn and win the conf. tournament we could be higher. We want to go out there and run the table. We don't fear anyone. We match up with anybody and can play with anyone. If we are playing our best like against Villanova, we can compete with anybody.
Colt (Fredonia, Ny): Which was your favorite dunk over your four year career at Syracuse?
Hakim Warrick: (11:39 AM ET ) Final Four against Texas! That was because of the stage it was on and how big the game was. It turned the game around.
Mike (Manhattan): would you support building a statue outside the Dome commemorating your shot block in the '03 championship game?
Hakim Warrick: (11:40 AM ET ) Yeah! I would support that! It was a big play and a lot of people thought it sealed the championship. It's a great honor and something I am proud of. I know it will go down in Syracuse history.
Joey Harris (Herndon, VA): Hakim, how do you feel you have improved your NBA draft status after opting to return for your senior season?
Hakim Warrick: (11:41 AM ET ) Yeah, I think I have improved. I was pretty much a mid to late first rounder and I'm am probably early lottery now. I can keep taking my team far in March and help myself even more.
Sarabeth, Syracuse: You got a girlfriend??
Hakim Warrick: (11:41 AM ET ) Yeah.
bryan (stillwater): what do you think of comparisons between you and kevin garnett?
Hakim Warrick: (11:42 AM ET ) It's a great honor. Anytime you get compared to a great player like that, you have to love it. As a fan, watching him over the last couple years, it's just a great honor. I will keep working hard and hopefully reach his level.
Michael (Syracuse): Do you ever wish that you could be a normal student at times without the popularity and such that go along with being a star athlete?
Hakim Warrick: (11:43 AM ET ) Yeah, sometimes. You have bad days and just want to be left alone and relax and not be noticed. But it's something I have accepted and I'm not ashamed of it. I embrace it. I'm happy the community appreciates me. But yeah, sometimes you want to just be a regular student.
Mark (Syracuse): Who do you think deserves the big east or Craig Smith?
Hakim Warrick: (11:44 AM ET ) I might be biased but I will say me! I had a really good year and my team is doing good. No disrespect to Craig though, he has had a great year as well. He would probably say the same thing about himself!
Eric (Boston, MA): How would you react if you got drafted by your hometown 76'ers?
Hakim Warrick: (11:45 AM ET ) It would be crazy! All my family and friends would be happy! That would be a crazy, happy time. But I'd also be worried about all those ticket requests!
Paul (Oklahoma): Do you have classes on friday? Are you ditching?
Hakim Warrick: (11:45 AM ET ) Na. I'm done with classes. Right now I just have my internship to finish.
3FF (The College of Wooster): Who wins in a game of H-O-R-S-E between you and Gerry Mac? Hakim Warrick: (11:46 AM ET ) Definately Gerry. He can shoot a couple steps in front of the court line and just make it all the time. He'll probably hit 2 of 10 from full court.
scott (boston, ma): do you ever make fun of Craig Forth since he is 7 foot and can not dunk? Hakim Warrick: (11:47 AM ET ) No! He can dunk! Don't make fun of him! He plays hard and he does all the little things that don't show up on the stat sheet. He CAN dunk.
J (Cuse): Harry's or Lucy's?
Hakim Warrick: (11:47 AM ET ) Harry's!
John, syracuse: Who was your role model growing up?
Hakim Warrick: (11:47 AM ET ) My mom. She has always been there for me. I've always looked up to her. She was always able to handle any problem.
NJ (Chicago): Where's the internship Hakim?
Hakim Warrick: (11:48 AM ET ) Retail management. I'm an associate buyer!
John (LaCrosse WI): Ok Hakim must ask question- Tupac or Jay-Z?
Hakim Warrick: (11:49 AM ET ) That's tough. I'm gonna go with Jay-Z right now. He's my man. I can always put in any CD and listen from start to finish.
Mark (Syracuse): What did you guys do to celebrate Jimmy B's 700th?
Hakim Warrick: (11:49 AM ET ) Everyone went out and got something to eat. Then we hit up Marcy St.!
Nicole (Syracuse): How do you feel about Dukie V constantly pronouncing your last name "WarWick"?
Hakim Warrick: (11:50 AM ET ) I didn't notice. I'm usually playing!
Matt (Long Island): What's something cool about Boeheim that most people don't know?
Hakim Warrick: (11:50 AM ET ) He's just a fiery guy. A lot of people think he is laid back but he's not. He is so into the game and wants that W.
Ryan (Hilton,NY): Do you and Carmelo still keep in touch?
Hakim Warrick: (11:51 AM ET ) Yes. We talked the other day.
mark (syracuse): J-LO or Beyonce?
Hakim Warrick: (11:51 AM ET ) That's another tough one. Beyonce.
Ryan Syracuse: Whats the first thing your going to buy when you get drafted in the nba? Hakim Warrick: (11:52 AM ET ) First thing .. a house for my mom. I want to take care of her for all the things she has done for me.
Brian (Haverhill,MA): Where is the toughest place to play?
Hakim Warrick: (11:52 AM ET ) Rutgers. Compact and small. The fans are right on top of you.
Dan (Chapel Hill): Who were your favorite players growing up?
Hakim Warrick: (11:53 AM ET ) Penny Hardaway.
Matt (RWU): who wins a one on one game, you or ryan gomes?
Hakim Warrick: (11:53 AM ET ) Little biased again .. but I'm going with me!
timmy (boston): Who's the funniest guy on the team?
Hakim Warrick: (11:54 AM ET ) We have a lot of jokers on this team. Probably Terrance Roberts.
JB (So. Arkansas Univ. Muleriders): What's your game high from high school? (pts & rebs) Hakim Warrick: (11:54 AM ET ) 35 pts.. I had 20 rebounds in one game.
Brian (James Madison U): Hakim, How many teams from the Big East do you think make it into the Tourney?
Hakim Warrick: (11:55 AM ET ) I think probably 7 or 8. Depending on these next couple games. We should have 6 at least.
J (Cuse): You speak to Donovan McNabb at all?
Hakim Warrick: (11:56 AM ET ) I had a chance to talk to him at the Final Four. That was the only time I got to meet him. It was just great to see him come back and show support.
joe (NY): if you could play one on one against somebody! anyone is history who would it be? Hakim Warrick: (11:56 AM ET ) Probably Dr. J in his prime! I really wasn't into basketball at an early age but I heard about him all the time.
Ben (Colgate): Were you nervous when Syracuse almost didn't beat the mighty Colgate?
Hakim Warrick: (11:57 AM ET ) I wasn't nervous. I pretty much knew they were going to slow things up. I just went out there and let the game come to me.
OMalley Syracuse: IS BC OVERRATED?
Hakim Warrick: (11:58 AM ET ) Not at all. They are a really good team. No matter what people say, to win all the games they have won, that shows you they are a good team. They play hard every single night.
Chris Miami: Red Sox or Yankees
Hakim Warrick: (11:59 AM ET ) Not a big baseball fan. But I'm going with the Red Sox.
Ken (boston): What's better to do: Block a shot or dunk on someone?
Hakim Warrick: (11:59 AM ET ) Definately dunking on someone. You get a rush I can't explain. And it gets your fans into the game.
Matthew (The District of Columbia): Which one of the UCONN big men will be the most difficult to keep in check tomorrow?
Hakim Warrick: (12:00 PM ET ) Last game Villanueva had a breakout game. We have to keep him in check. He will be the most difficult.
Glaude (Watson Hall (SU)): When did you pick up the headband look?
Hakim Warrick: (12:01 PM ET ) It started in high school. I used to wear it even younger. I wore it in Rec League in Philadelphia!
Varun (Syracuse): Prediction tomorrow?? Pull A Joe Namath!
Hakim Warrick: (12:03 PM ET ) My prediction is that we will leave it all on the floor and play our hardest and come out with a victory! Thanks for the questions! I really appreciate all the support! Take care
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