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Its debate time

Player of the Year debate

Here's where the argument reigns. Lets take a look at the Stats and its very interesting. I'm taking the top 4 candidates. While Chevon Troutman and Curtis Sumpter deverve some credit, I dont think they have a chance here. The four candidates are Hakim Warrick, Craig Smith, Jared Dudley, and Ryan Gomes. Conference game stats in parentheses

Name Points Rebounds FG% F T % Double Doubles
Warrick 21( 21.9) 8.3 (7.7) 58 (56) 67 (68 ) 12 (5)
Smith 18 (16.6) 8.4 (8.3) 49 (45) 69 (71) 6 (2)
Dudley 16 (17.7) 7.5 (7.8) 48 (47) 75 (77) 7 (4)
Gomes 21.5 (23) 8.3 (7.3) 49 (47) 77 (79) 6 (2)

Bonus Stat for Gomes 3.3 assists
Bonus Stat for Dudley 3.1 assists

So looking at the stats it appears obvious that the two best players in Big East play are Warrick and Gomes. Both increased their overall scoring and Warrick has the most double doubles. Syracuse also played a much tougher in conference schedule than BC. But you have to remember that Smith or Dudley would also have more rebounds if they were alone on the frontline like Warrick and Gomes. So I'll go to the eye test. Smith has been much more dominating to me. He can take over a game and frankly I think he's better than Dudley. Dudley to me is the fourth best player on the list. He doesnt stand out to me. Gomes is the intriguing one because he plays for a bad team yet he still averaged 23 points in Big East play and had more assists than Dudley. So its a 3 man race so lets see what they did against each other.

Gomes against SU- 2 games 17.5 points 5.5 rebounds 3.0 assists
against BC- 2 games 19.5 points 8 rebounds 3.0 assists
Totals- 4 games 18.5 points 7.2 rebounds 3.0 assists
Warrick against BC- 1 game 12 points 4 rebounds
against Providence- 2 games 30.5 points 9 rebounds
Totals- 3 games 24.3 points, 7.1 rebounds
Smith against SU- 1 game 16 points 15 rebounds
against Providence- 2 games 20.5 points 6.5 rebounds
Totals- 3 games 18.3 points, 9.1 rebounds

So lets use that as a measuring stick and see how Warrick dominated Providence in two matchups but was ineffective against BC and Gomes and Smith were solid in all games with Smith having a monster game against SU. So lets use one more stat.

"Best game" in Big East
Smith- its debatable as he's solid in every game, but I'll pick against SU..16 points 15 rebounds in one of the biggest games ever in Chestnut Hill.

Gomes- theres a couple, but his 33 point 14 rebound performance against West Virginia stands out because he went 16-25 from the floor, but his team also lost that game.

Warrick- also a couple ways to go, but I would say his 32 point 14 rebound performance at Villanova is the one. 10-15 from the floor and 12-16 from the line.

So if we take that we have Smith's best game is against SU and Warrick against Villanova. Gomes' best game was against WVU, but they still lost. I feel a Big East player of the Year candidate should be able to pull that game out. They only lost by 2, so a play down the stretch should have been made if he's having a monster game like that. So no offense to Gomes, but because his team doesnt need him, as i believe they would be 3-12 in the conference without him, I would say its between Smith and Warrick. One reason is that teams dont care if Gomes scores because let him get his and they'll win anyway. If Providence was closer to 8-8 than 0-16 I would probably give the award to Gomes, but there's something to be said for playing on good teams.

So now I'm down to Smith and Warrick. Both are very different players. One guy likes space (Warrick) and one likes to bang inside (Smith). Smith has been consistent across the board although he had one horrible game against ND where he only had 9 points. Warrick has had three rough games against UConn, Pitt, and BC, but he did manage to break double figures in each game. Warrick has 3 30 point games in the Big East this year and plays with Gerry McNamara and Smith has none and plays with Jared Dudley. Warrick also has 5 BE player of the week awards. No one else has more than two. He has 12 double doubles and 6 in the Big East and Craig Smith has 6 total. Not only that but he outscores Smith by 5 points a game. Warrick is electrifying and Smith is workmanlike. I would take both on my team, but judging by the way the players are finishing my choice for Big East player of the year is...

Hakim Warrick.
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