Sunday, March 06, 2005


Syracuse Embarrassed

Well before I get to what happened in the game , let me just say one thing. For UConn to be complaining about the way the game was officiated is ridiculous. Between Calhoun's technical foul call and the last 7 minutes of the game (when the game wasnt in doubt anymore) the fouls were 20 for SU and 16 for Connecticut. The FTs were 28 for UConn and 14 for Syracuse. They didnt overcome anything by the officials. You can make the claim that the officials helped UConn build their lead. How soon Connecticut forgets what happened in the Dome. They shot 32 FTS that day and SU only shot 14 total. So I dont want to hear it from the Huskies. And I especially dont want to hear anything Ed Nelson says. The only purpose of him in yesterdays game was to bump and bang Warrick. He held, grabbed, scratched Warrick every play. He has little talent and all he does is clutch and grab. He needs to shut up.

Ok now that I have that out of my system, let's get to the game. After a good first half by SU, they laid a huge dinosaur egg in the second half. As soon as they got down by 10 they packed it in. Its as if they said "Well UConn has our number, so lets mail it in. We'll get them next time". It was embarrassing the way they played. Give UConn all the credit for taking SU out of the game and coming out of the locker room fired up. They attacked the boards and Gerry McNamara has some sort of mental block against UConn. You're going to have bad shooting days like yesterday. And yesterday wasnt just bad it was atrocious, but you cant just give up like the Orange did yesterday. It was bad, very bad. I was watching Billy Packer say that the SU players' heads were down and I didnt believe him, but after awhile I realized he was exactly right. Warrick was the only one that wanted the ball at all. It was a humbling and humiliating experience yesterday at Gampel Pavilion. Lets see what the Orange has in store this week in the Big East tourney.
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