Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Tom Brennan Speaks

Just heard Vermont coach Tom Brennan on Mike and the Mad Dog in NEw York. Couple of interesting tidbits

- He can't believ that an RPI of 21 gets you a 13 seed and that Syracuse won 27 games and the Big East Tournament and gets only a 4 seed.

- TJ Sorrentine wont guard Gerry McNamara, David Hehn will. Brennan says Hehn is his best defender. That should mean easy shots for Josh Pace. Pace stands at 6'5" , while Sorrentine is a generous 5'11". Look for Pace to have a big game friday.

- They will try to double team Warrick. Brennan doesnt think Coppenrath can handle Warrick by himself. He doesnt think anyone in the country can handle Warrick one on one.

- Forget about a Vermont home crowd. Vermont was only able to get 550 tickets for the Worcester pod. Syracuse and UConn fans bought all the tickets in hoping their team would be put there. Vermont will have to buy tickets from any BC fans that thought their team would be there. The Worcester pod is sold out.
Unfortunately, this did not turn out as well as the Orange faithful would have liked; its still painful two years later.

And Brennan has milked his 15 minutes of fame far too much at this point.
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